Humanitarian Entrants

MyCareer Hub is a non-profit organisation supporting Australia’s humanitarian entrants into professional careers. Our program provides in-depth preparation and support to refugees and people seeking asylum currently studying at university or looking to restart their professional careers in Australia.

MyCareer Hub assists humanitarian entrants, those who arrive in Australia as a refugee and need tertiary qualifications from their home country. We can assess and help them enter different programs to follow their career path.

MyCareer Hub puts eligible participants through either a traineeship or an internship followed by a corporate job for 12 weeks in their chosen career; this is very low risk to the employer as the commitment is capped. My Career Hub will offer the intern more work, enabling us to have a more substantial workforce.

MyCareer Hub allows participants to earn a professional wage whilst gaining invaluable experience.

Our program supports two distinct groups of asylum seekers and refugees:

University students

Full-time university students who undertake paid internships during university breaks in an effort to link their studies with practical work experience. The MyCareer Hub university program aligns with existing corporate internship programs.

Mid-career Professionals:

Those with tertiary qualifications and professional work experience from their country of origin who strive to re-establish their careers in Australia. These participants undertake paid internships lasting twelve weeks, providing local experience and a local reference and helping them establish a network within their chosen profession.

“Bring all the pieces together at My Career Hub”.

Contact us to arrange a meeting and discuss your requirements and up-to-date information on entrants into your professional careers. on 1300 083 832 Or Mobile at 0456 972 535


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