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Job seekers are individuals who are actively looking for employment opportunities. Whether you are looking for a career move or your next contract or temporary position if you are a recent graduate, an individual is looking to change careers, or those currently unemployed. MyCareer Hub is here to help.

We work with Australia’s best employers in a wide range of industries. That means more job opportunities for you to choose from.
MyCareer Hub provides a range of both permanent and casual employment opportunities across a range of industries and job roles.

We place very high importance on supporting and nurturing our candidates who choose to work with MyCareer Hub’s employer network. For Casual employees, we have a dedicated Candidate Care Program advisor who manages the contractors from acceptance of the contract or casual assignment to completion of the job.

Treating our candidates with integrity and respect ensures a straightforward recruitment process with long-lasting benefits for everyone.

Internships Program for Individual

MyCareer Hub offers Internship programs for individuals; these programs are designed and structured to help students or recent graduates of Australian universities or Vocational institutions to gain valuable work experience in their chosen field. Also, to gain practical to apply classroom learning to real-world situations and to develop new skills and knowledge.

The Internships can be paid or unpaid, varying from a few weeks to several months. They may be part-time or full-time and can be completed during the academic year or over the summer. Organisations, including corporations, non-profits, government agencies, and educational institutions, can offer internships. Some internships are highly competitive and may require a rigorous application process.

The benefits of participating in an internship program include gaining relevant work experience, building professional networks, and learning about potential career paths. Internships can also provide opportunities to explore different industries or fields and to develop transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

The program usually lasts between 8 and 26 weeks and combines formal learning and practical work experience. The standard learning component usually includes training in workplace communication, workplace culture, and professional development skills, while the valuable work experience component typically involves an internship with a hosting company.

MyCareer Hub partners with leading Australian organisations to create paid and unpaid internships for students, recent graduates, recently arrived refugees and asylum seekers looking to start their professional careers in Australia. Internships provide valuable local experience and enable the intern to develop a professional network – both of which are often barriers to new Australians accessing professional employment.

Overall, internships can be a valuable way for students and recent graduates to gain practical experience and enhance their employability.

If you are a student, recent graduate, recently arrived refugee or asylum seeker looking to start a professional career in Australia, provide us with your details. One of MyCareer Hub team members will contact you to confirm your broad eligibility for the program.

Employment Help

MyCareer Hub helps people looking for work in several ways, including:

Offer resume and interview coaching

Many job seekers need help creating a compelling resume and performing well in interviews. By offering coaching services, you can help improve your job chances.

Offer training and development programs

Offer training and development programs that help job seekers build the skills they need to succeed in their job search and the workplace.

Host job fairs

Host job fairs that bring together job seekers and potential employers. This provides an opportunity for job seekers to meet with multiple employers in one location and land a job on the spot.

Offer temporary and casual work

Offer temporary and casual work to job seekers in between jobs or looking for flexible work arrangements.
By providing these services, we can help job seekers build the skills they need to succeed in their job search and find fulfilling employment.

Employment Help

If you want permanent or casual employment through MyCareer Hub Recruitment, complete the form below and upload your CV. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email, and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss employment options.


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